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Lu Zhenhong, the person in charge of the Beishan Wolf E-Commerce Co., Ltd., won the title of the first ten outstanding leaders of Taobao Village
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On December 7, the 5th Taobao Village Summit was held in Heze City, Shandong Province. After expert nomination, candidate self-recommendation, and local government recommendation, 14 local and international senior experts judged the vote. Lv Zhenhong, the company's principal, came out of the 91 candidates and won the title of the first ten outstanding leaders of Taobao Village.

Lu Zhenhong started the e-commerce venture with a start-up fund of 4,000 yuan. In 2008, he created the “Beishan Wolf” outdoor brand. In 2016, the sales amounted to 58.12 million yuan. He personally led the entire Beishan Village to become rich and let outdoor products from Beishan Village grow from scratch. Until the annual sales amounted to several hundred million yuan, it became the first outdoor village of Taobao in China; the rural e-commerce development model that was explored by the “rural + network + business + government” was defined as the “Northern Mountain Model” in CCTV and Various media coverage.

At the 5th Taobao Village Summit Forum, Alibaba also released the “2017 China Taobao Village List”, the city’s “Beishan Village” and 19 “Taobao Villages” successfully selected; among them, 5 villages in Jinyun, 3 in Songyang In the village, there are 2 villages of Liandu, Longquan, Qingtian, Yunhe and Jingning, and 1 village of Qingyuan. (Li Junxi)