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Lu Zhenhong: Leading E-Commerce Leaders who “Get an Electric Shock” in Beishan Village
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(图为北山村入口即景——全村电商分布图;中国经济导报记者沈贞海 摄)

(The photo shows Lu Zhenhong accepts interviews with media reporters such as, Chinanews, and Phoenix Weekly; photo by Shen Zhenhai, China Economic Herald reporter)

China Economic Herald reporter Shen Zhenhai reported that Jinyun County under the jurisdiction of Lishui City is located in the mountain area of southern Zhejiang and has rich natural resources and a splendid industrial economy. Nowadays, under the concept of “Internet+”, it is “green”. Under the advocacy of the economy, the once remote villages of Jinyun Xiaoshan also “shocked” and shared the opportunities created by “Internet +” to create wealth.

The Power of Example: Beishan Village Gets Rich with Electric Shock
Beishan Village is a typical example of this. Under the guidance of the online Nuggets story of Lv Zhenhong, General Manager of Beishan Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., more and more villagers joined the e-commerce army. The legendary Taobao Village, Beishan Village, was born. The "North Mountain Model" has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life.
It is understood that since the birth of the “Beishan Wolf” in 2008, the electricity suppliers in Beishan Village have started to sell Lu Zhenhong’s “Beishan Wolf” products.
“In the village, 90% are distributors of Beishan Wolf, and several are operating their own brands,” Lu Zhenhong said in an interview with the China Economic Herald.
Influenced and inspired by Lu Zhenhong, youths, university graduates, and veterans who worked outside the village all returned home and joined e-commerce. This former “Burden Cake Village” became one of the first 14 Taobao Villages in the country and the first rural e-commerce demonstration village in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. Currently, about 400 villagers in Beishan Village have about 400 people open Taobao Stores. Sales amounted to 120 million yuan.
It is understood that at present, the Beishan Village is formed by taking Beishan Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. as the leader, with distribution stores opened by individuals, families, and small teams as the fulcrum, outdoor products as the main products, and the “Beishan Wolf” products as the basis of the rural support. The e-commerce development model was defined by relevant experts and government departments as the "Northern Mountain Model." The "North Mountain Model" has been widely reported by CCTV and various media, and has become a banner in the field of rural electricity suppliers.
With the encouragement and support of leaders at all levels, Lu Zhenhong was elected as the president of the “Jinyun County Network Business Association”. I actively organized e-commerce training, set up a network consulting service platform, opened up QQ group, and organized network operators to develop “net goods”. "Exhibition Fair", forums and other activities have led more rural youth to participate in the e-commerce industry.
The role model story: Effort is the prerequisite for all success
Speaking of Lu Zhenhong, locals all praised their thumbs.
The peasants who had been selling sesame seeds on the street several years ago are now not only the general manager of Beiyun Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., but also a leader in rural e-commerce.
Starting from 4,000 yuan, the monthly sales of 5 million will be achieved, and the total sales will stay in the top ten in the industry with Tmall (Taobao Mall). Today, Lu Zhenhong's company has more than 50 employees, more than 300 distributors and more than 4,000 square meters of office space. Driven by Lv Zhenhong, Beishan Village has more than 70 households and more than 400 villagers joining the online gold rush to achieve total transaction sales of over 100 million yuan.
Although the current achievements are flashy, the road to entrepreneurship that we have gone through is also full of hardships and efforts. With a spirit of self-improvement, courage, and risk-taking, Lu Zhenhong has gone through several small and large ventures in more than a decade, and has accumulated a wealth of social experience and practical experience.
Lu Zhenhong said: "Because of my youth, I can withstand my own failure within my own ability."
In 2006, by chance, Lu Zhenhong came into contact with online shopping from a friend. At that time, Huzhen did not have a large-scale network operator. He was keenly aware of the business opportunities. In August of that year, he and his younger brother Lu Zhenpeng registered for a Taobao shop online and learned to sell their outdoor products.
The start-up capital is 4,000 yuan, 1 computer, 1 digital camera, and a dozen square meters of small office space, including two employees including Lu Zhenhong and his younger brother Lu Zhenpeng. This is like this year's sales of 60 million, Taobao Mall with the industry rankings Ten of North Mountain Wolf outdoor supplies flagship store initial situation.
At that time, a large part of people doing Taobao was a part-time job, while Lu Zhenhong used Taobao as a platform to start a business. He was a full-time Taobao entrepreneur and hung “Taobao full-time entrepreneurs” in the shops. The newly opened shop is basically unattended, and Lv Zhenhong has thought of a few ways to increase traffic: look at pages, buy magazines, and post messages to the community. Six months later, Lv Zhenhong’s Taobao store finally opened its sales and slowly steadily increased. Everything is difficult at the beginning. At the beginning of the venture, it was rough, but it was also joy. Among them was only dreams, passions, beliefs and perseverance.
With Lv Zhenhong’s business growing bigger and bigger, relatives and friends in the village have found him one by one, and he must learn to open Taobao shop with him. Lv Zhenhong does not refuse to come. Teach typing, help register the shop, how to take pictures of the sample, even to take the risk of pressure to make friends and family free of charge to get goods, one after another shop in Beishan Village has mushroomed.
With rising sales, a lot of customer feedback on unprofessional products has followed. At the same time, since 95% of e-commerce in Beishan Village is made of outdoor products, homogeneity is too serious, and unfair price wars occur, Lu Zhenhong is determined to establish his own brand. "Compared to counterfeit and inferior products on the market, my brand is of good quality; compared to international famous outdoor sports brands, my products are relatively inexpensive. With our own brand, we have the final say, at least not People in the village fight a price war."
As a result, after more than 100,000 yuan was accumulated in 2008, Lu Zhenhong directly found the manufacturer and founded the "Northern Mountain Wolf." In 2009, the Beishan Wolf team formally entered the army, Zhejiang Beishan Wolf Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was established, and the “Northern Mountain Wolf Flagship Store” was assigned to Tmall. Lu Zhenhong used the time of 9 years to successfully transform from "Yingbinglang" to "Beishan Wolf".
The voice of the model: A dream will come true
Looking back on more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Lu Zhenhong said with a lament: “When I was 20 years old, I said that I would use ten years to fight and do my own business. I did not expect this dream to be delayed for 10 years, etc. When I was 40 years old, I really made some achievements. However, youth cannot be abandoned. As long as we actively fight for it, no matter if it is 10 or 20 years, as long as the road is on the right track, we will definitely gain.
Lu Zhentao shared some experiences of his own entrepreneurship in Taobao University's “Missionary” column: “Now young people are more impetuous. If you want to start a business, then first calm down, be a self-assessment, ask yourself, what will I do, I can What to do; 2. Know each other, choose an industry, to understand in advance how many people are doing, how big the market in this industry, and where their own positioning; 3. Taobao can also choose this platform, Taobao is a good platform The threshold is low, the space is large, and the area is wide."
“You have to work hard for your youth. Life must always work hard. A dream will come true.” Lu Zhentao said in an interview with the China Economic Herald.
Jinyun Industry has a long history. According to legend, Huang Di, the first ancestor of the Chinese nation, once made a fortune with this alchemy. After Dan Cheng, he crossed the Red Dragon and went to heaven. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, relying on the entrepreneurial spirit of “everything untold hardships, uttering thousands of words, traveling all over the world, and doing everything possible”, Jinyun people are in this “projectile land” of only 1503 square kilometers. Written out a wealth creation legend.
Under the new normal economy, Jinyun still holds high the banner of eco-manufacturing, and unswervingly follows the green ecological development path of “Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan”, implements the strategy of “Strengthening the Industrial County Strongly”, and insists that both ecological governance and ecological creation are simultaneously implemented. Take the ecological economy as the main attack and promote the development of the ecological industry.
The China Economic Herald reporter was informed that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the total output value of Jinyun Industrial increased from 28.12 billion yuan in 2010 to 44.66 billion yuan, of which the industrial output value of the enterprises above the designated size increased from 24.93 billion yuan to 34.9 billion yuan. 106 companies above have achieved stable and rapid industrial growth.